Transport Rules

  • The school bus service is available for all students on specific routes.

  • Bus fees will be paid by parents as per fee rules.

    • At the end of the Academic Session, i.e. by 31st March, parents must apply in writing for withdraw from bus if required, failing which bus fee will be charged from April, as per approved rates.

    • Bus drivers are authorized to stop the bus only at designated stops. Routes and stops are approved by the school and parents must survey the route prior to selecting a bus stop. Request for a change in route/stop will not be entertained. The list of stops is made keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus commuters. No diversion/extension will be entertained on existing routes.

    • Students are expected to behave in a courteous manner in the bus. They should not throw trash/food inside or outside the bus. They should be seated when the bus is in motion and follow the instructions of the Teacher in charge.

    • In case of any emergency, parents must contact the School office, which will take the necessary action in contacting the person in charge of a particular bus.